Starting with SYSTRANLinks 2.0.4, it is now possible to add tags on Pages and paths. This metadata will help describe pages and allows them to be found again by filtering. All sentences then inherit the tags of the Pages they are used in. The sentences can then be filtered with this information.

Any page can have many tags. Each tag can be either Monolingual or Multilingual (for all the target languages of the website).

Many use cases can be imagined for this feature, but the most obvious one is translation project management. Let’s imagine you want to translate your website in two phases, according to priority, and that some of the content doesn’t need to be reviewed right now. Just tag those pages with ‘Priority 1’, ‘Priority 2’ and ‘No review’.

To add a tag to a page, simply select it and click on ‘Edit tags’. If the tag should apply to all pages in the folder, simply collapse the folder and add the tag to the collapsed path.

NB: In that case, all future pages in this path will be automatically tagged. This could be useful for dynamic sections for instance. Note also that the color of the tag is grey for the subpages. This means that the tag is inherited from a parent.

A small globe precedes tags that apply to all target languages.

Once tags are applied, Pages menu and Sentences menu can be filtered with this criterion:

And, of course, Tasks can be created using this new filter:

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