1. My website is available in one unique language today. Is it possible to make it multilingual?

Yes. SYSTRANLinks is a plug-and-play website translation solution. It offers on-the-fly translation of your website. No need to dedicate technical resources as SYSTRAN hosts your translated Web pages.

2. Which languages does SYSTRANLinks support?

SYSTRANLinks does support all languages listed in the ISO-639 list. However, SYSTRAN Machine Translation will be provided only for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Other languages can be enabled through supported API keys from other MT providers. SystranLinks also supports human translation input for any language. As such, SystranLinks does more than just translate your website: it also supports your efforts to manage the detailed modifications, corrections, additions and variations to the machine translations produced by machine translation.

3. Do I have to duplicate my website and host the translated websites?

No, SYSTRANLinks is outsourced to SYSTRAN servers. SYSTRAN translates your Web pages and hosts the translated Web pages at no extra cost.

4. Will SYSTRANLinks add traffic to my website?

Having your website multilingual will certainly increase your overall traffic as you will be able to address an international audience. Moreover, as your translated sites can be under your own domain, Search Engines will crawl them and increase your international visibility in those engines.

5. What happens to the translations when I update my website?

SYSTRANLinks can update the translations automatically, in real time. As the translations are processed on-the-fly, SYSTRAN will update the translations whenever you update your existing Web pages or add new Web pages to your website. New sentences will be highlighted in SYSTRANLinks user interface for you to review them easily.

6. How does SYSTRANLinks work?

When your Web visitors go to your homepage, they will have the ability to click on a flag or select a language in a drop-down menu. Then, SYSTRANLinks receives a translation request, connects to your website, gets and maintains the exact same layout as the original page and provides the translation as you validated it.

As a website owner, SYSTRANLinks provides you with the ability to easily post edit machine translation and review all your content. You can invite translators or people you know to validate your website’s texts for you.

7. Does the free tier include the same features as the regular service?

The free tier enables full translation and review of small to medium websites, with low traffic on international versions.

8. I am ready to subscribe. What do I do next?

Please review SYSTRANLinks offers here and click on subscribe. Should you have any question or specific requirements on Pro or Enterprise Offers, contact directly our Sales Department.

9. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes for Standard editions of SYSTRANLinks. Payments are made through our payment provider : Paypal.

10. How do I register multiple server or domain names?

The SYSTRANLinks Free and Standard 1 subscriptions cover one unique source domain name. With SYSTRANLinks Standard 2 and 3, your subscription covers up to 3 source domains names. To add source domains to your account and review our Pro and Enterprise tiers, please contact our Sales Department here.

12. How do I implement SYSTRANLinks on my website?

  • You first have to sign up to SYSTRANLinks.
  • Then click on ‘Add a website’ and provide required information.
  • Then, for us to check that you really own the website to translate, follow the simple validation procedure by clicking on « check » in the configuration screen.

To generate the HTML links that you will then paste into your homepage:

  • Sign in to your SYSTRANLinks account.
  • Enter the Website and go to ‘Display Mode’ menu in the left navigation menu.
  • Once on that page, configure your Language Selector, click on apply to preview it in context.
  • Click on ‘Get HTML code’, copy and paste it on your website source page.

13. Where can I see the list of features that are available with SYSTRANLinks?

Check out SYSTRANLinks User Guide or SYSTRANLinks editions comparison page.

14. How do I get traffic information about the translated Web pages?

Statistics for translated Web pages are kept on SYSTRAN’s servers and may be accessed at any time on your SYSTRANLinks dashboard.

15. Is SYSTRANLinks secured?

Yes. SYSTRANLinks allows secured check-outs and ensures the same level of security as the one on the original version of your website. Depending on edition, SYSTRANLinks can support password-protected Web pages and SSL.

16. Is it possible to block the translation of some parts of my website?

Yes. SYSTRANLinks allows you to prevent whole parts of your website, pages or HTML blocks from being translated (legal disclaimers, sentences, brand names, product line names). Learn more from the SYSTRANLinks User Guide.

17. How do I improve the quality of the translations?

SYSTRAN Machine Translation is provided as an help to start your translated websites, and SYSTRANLinks is designed to help you review those translations. However, SYSTRAN translations can be enhanced and customized to your subject matter :

  • With Translation Memory : any sentence that has been reviewed/translated once will be identified.
  • With User Dictionary : define through SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager your own terminology and glossary.

18. How do I explain to my Web visitors what Machine Translation is?

Ask your SYSTRAN Sales Representative to provide you with a translation disclaimer. Example: This website has been translated for your convenience using machine translation software powered by SYSTRAN. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation; however no automated translation is perfect, nor is it intended to replace human translators. The official text is the English version of the website. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any question arises related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the English version of the website which is the official version.

You can then add a specific rule from the Pages menu, to insert this content in your translated websites.

19. Some parts of my website don’t get translated. Why?

Text inside graphics, flash components or javascript code won’t be translated. However, starting with SYSTRANLinks Standard 1, you can define translation rules for localizing images or files, by providing the URL of the translated element to SYSTRANLinks.

20. Does SYSTRAN provide technical support?

Yes. You should first check SYSTRANLinks User Guide. If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact our technical support using this form.

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