SYSTRAN Translator V8 is discontinued starting July 2022. More information here

Use the SYSTRAN Language Manager to:

  • Define translation profiles
  • View and manage the list of linguistic resources (which are edited through SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager)
  • View and manage the list of licenses and installed language pair

Profiles and linguistic resources enable users to fine-tune the manner in which SYSTRAN 8 Translator performs translations.

In order to prepare Profiles for use in your translation projects, the following process applies:

1. Create or upload resources such as User Dictionaries,  Translation Memories, Normalization Dictionaries via SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager

The following limits applies depending on your version (Essential or Professional):

  Essential Professional
User Dictionaries that can be loaded on Profile 1 10
Translation Memories that can be loaded in Profile 0 10
Normalization Dictionaries that can be loaded in Profile 0 10
Dictionary Max Size 500 20 000
Translation Memory Max Size N/A 40 000

2. Create a Profile that will use those resources

3. Fine-tune the Translation Options via the Profile Editing menu.

Your Profile is then ready for use in your translation projects and will be displayed in the Profile dropdown list in your translation tools!

How to manage the Translation Profiles?
How to manage the Linguistic Resources?
How to manage the Licences?


NoteSYSTRAN Language Manager is only available for Desktop users.

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