SYSTRAN Translator V8 is discontinued starting July 2022. More information here

Understanding the SYSTRAN Interactive Translator interface

sit interface1


sit interface3

  1. Source and target languages
  2. Profile
  3. Source field: type or copy/paste the text you want to translate
  4. Target field: the translation appears automatically after a short delay. Click “Translate” to force the translation
  5. Copy all to clipboard button: equivalent of the CTRL+C shortcut to copy a text
  6. Clear all button: erase both source and target texts at the same time
  7. Edit translation button: edit the translation then use the Copy all to clipboard button to paste the translation
  8. Layout: automatically swith horizontal/vertical display of the source and target fields
  9. Text font size: increase or decrease the font size
  10. Translation history button: enables the end user to re-access previous translations
  11. Help button: open the support website
  12. Dictionary Lookup field


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