SYSTRAN Translator V8 is discontinued starting July 2022. More information here

Proper dictionary coding is important, since it impacts the way terms are analyzed during translation. IntuitiveCoding is a proprietary of SYSTRAN technology that automatically enriches your dictionary entries with information to improve translation quality.

IntuitiveCoding entries can include the following information:

Entry Definition Canonical form

Use of uppercase letters

Simple and compound entries

Reserved characters

Intuitives clues Specifying the gender or appropriate article

Use of singular and plural

Separable particles

Additional Clues Grammatical category

Specifying gender and number

Specifying inflected forms


Conditional entries

Variants form

Syntactic information

Semantic categorization

Proctected Sequences
Multiple meanings Meaning for different constructions

Equivalent meanings

Use of some of the options described in this section requires substantial linguistic knowledge.

IntuitiveCoding clues and specifications are language-specific.


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