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Translation Memories

Translation Memories (TMs) are databases of paired sentences that have been pre-translated. During the translation process, TM entries are matched with sentences in the source text. These entries can be formatted (for example, italic or bold) through the SDM Formatting toolbar.


Normalization dictionaries

There are two types of Normalization Dictionaries (NDs): source normalization and target normalization.

Source normalization is applied to a source file before translation.
It can be used, for instance, to:

  • Standardize terminology in the source text: for example, you can define that “colour” should be normalized to “color” as well as its inflected forms (such as “colours” to “colors”).
  • Expand abbreviations: In email language or chats, for example, “4u” can be normalized to “for you” before translation, so that it is correctly processed by the translation engine.

Target normalization adapts translation output to user needs for terminology consistency. It also provides a way to replace sequences generated by the software with user-defined sequences.

Since normalization dictionaries are applied both before and after the translation process, it is possible to make use of the coding category “sequence” without breaking the sentence analysis.


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