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You can simplify your User Dictionary by reducing the number of entries through the use of Lookup operators. Each operator represents a certain pattern or range of characters that can be found in an expression or in a User Dictionary. For example, the Number operator represents any number.


There are three types of predefined Lookup operators:

  • URL operator: match a URL (file path or Web URL)
  • Find operator: Use the Find operator to help reduce the size of a dictionary by factorizing entries.


The corresponding entries match and translate “onion salad”, “carrot salad”, and any vegetable salad when the vegetables are listed in a separate “vegetable” dictionary.

  • Number operator: Match any number.

For example, the following Normalization Dictionary entry converts a sequence like “13°” into “13 degrees”


Using the Textual Lookup Operators mode:


You can view the textual sequence that corresponds to a lookup operator. This is useful when you need to insert several lookup operators in a UD and align them together.

For the example above, the textual representation is:


The number following the lookup operator name (1 in the example) needs to be used consistently in the source and target to ensure that it identifies the same sequence.

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