SYSTRAN Translator V8 is discontinued starting July 2022. More information here

SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager (SDM) lets you create, and maintain User Dictionaries (UDs), which can be used to customize and improve your translations.

Dictionary resources can be used for a number of functions, including:

  • Translating terms not found in the SYSTRAN Main Dictionary.
  • Overriding the target-language meaning of a term in the SYSTRAN Main Dictionary to customize translation output.
  • Ensuring that a multi-word expression is always treated as a single unit by the translation software.

SDM features:

  • Create User Dictionaries (20,000 entries per UD or ND)
  • Create Translation Memories (40,000 entries per TM)
  • IntuitiveCoding
  • Coding Confidence Indicator
  • Print Dictionaries
  • UD search capabilities
  • Bilingual dictionary editor
  • Named User Dictionaries
  • Import/Export of dictionary resources
  • Duplicate entry detection
  • Support for Normalization Dictionaries
  • Set Dictionary Priorities
  • Lookup Operators


 NoteSYSTRAN Dictionary Manager is only available for Desktop users.

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