SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager (SDM) lets you create, and maintain User Dictionaries (UDs), which can be used to customize and improve your translations.

Dictionary resources can be used for a number of functions, including:

  • Translating terms not found in the SYSTRAN Main Dictionary.
  • Overriding the target-language meaning of a term in the SYSTRAN Main Dictionary to customize translation output.
  • Ensuring that a multi-word expression is always treated as a single unit by the translation software.

SDM features:

  • Create User Dictionaries (20,000 entries per UD or ND)
  • Create Translation Memories (40,000 entries per TM)
  • IntuitiveCoding
  • Coding Confidence Indicator
  • Print Dictionaries
  • UD search capabilities
  • Bilingual dictionary editor
  • Named User Dictionaries
  • Import/Export of dictionary resources
  • Duplicate entry detection
  • Support for Normalization Dictionaries
  • Set Dictionary Priorities
  • Lookup Operators


 NoteSYSTRAN Dictionary Manager is only available for Desktop users.

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