Translating a spreadsheet

1. Click the SYSTRAN tab to reveal the SYSTRAN features in the ribbon.


2. Use the Source and Target dropdown lists to change the source or target language.

If Automatic language (auto) detection is enabled, the detected language will automatically appear in the Source language dropdown.


3. Select a Profile to apply for the translation.

4. Click the Translate button droplist and click Translate Document.


5. The translated file appears in a new window as a read-only file. You can save the translated file using the standard Windows File|Save function.


When you translate an Office document, a popup with a progress bar of the translation process will display:

progress bar excel



Translating a selection

Instead of translating an entire file, you can translate selected text:


1. Highlight the text you want to translate

2. Click the Translate button droplist

3. Click Translate selection.


To translate a cell, you can also use the right mouse button to open the pop up menu and click SYSTRAN Translate.


Click Translate selection and Replace to translate the selected text and replaces the source text with the translated text.


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