SYSTRAN Translator V8 is discontinued starting July 2022. More information here

SYSTRAN Quick File Translator (available only in the Professional edition) offers advanced features for translating large amounts of files.

Understanding SYSTRAN Quick File Translator interface

Translation parameters:

qft translation parameters

  • Choose the Source Language (the language you are translating from)
  • Choose the Target Language (the language you are translating into)
  • Choose the Profile (optional)

Source Files:


  • Search from: Choose the starting point folder that contains files to translate by clicking ‘…’
  • Recursively: check this box to look within subfolders (file tree).
  • Pattern Filter: restrain your research to files containing specific words
  • Files types: display the list of supported file formats by the server. You can filter the search by selecting specific format

The Pattern Filter field will accept any pattern with the 2 following wildcards and includes file extensions:

Wildcard specifer Matches
 * (asterisk)  Zero or more characters in that position
 ? (question mark)  Zero or one character in that position


Target files:


  • Root folder: Choose the folder where you want to keep/stock/store your translated files
  • Sub folder and file names:
  • Same as source: the translated files will have the name of the source files
  • Using a custom pattern:  specify the name of the translated files

Click Search files to see a list of your files; you can translate all of them or select some of them.  (The maximum size of a file is limited to 50 Mo.)

Click Translate to begin the translation process. You cannot translate a file already open. You can also launch the translation without clicking on Search files.

After the translation is finished, you can see all the files selected (source and target) displayed.

If you right click on a file, you can open it in your software editor or see where it is located and copy its link address.

qft traduction finit

Generate logs:

generate logs checkbox

Generate Logs is activated by default. You can deactivate it. If Generate Logs is activated, you can see the logs in .systran repository. All actions that have occurred in SYSTRAN Quick File Translator will be listed in it.

Learn more about Quick File Translator

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