If you see this error message Feature not available – StatusCode 403 [Forbidden]

In SYSTRAN Options:
erreur forbidden

In Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook):
error plugin

Your licence is probably not activated. Open Language Manager > Licenses to activate your license.

If you already have activated your license, just click Refresh in SYSTRAN Options.

You should see the message “Working (X language pairs found)“.

If you have trouble activating your license, it is likely due to Windows Firewall or your Anti-Virus firewall.
Windows Firewall is blocking SYSTRAN 8 Translator. You have to allow SYSTRAN 8 Translator to communicate through the firewall.
Contact your IT team to open the port «8905» and the ports « 49000-65535».

If you have already activated your licence and this message appears suddenly, make sure your Windows Firewall or Anti-Virus firewall does not block the ports.

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