See SYSTRAN 8 Translator features at a glance:

Instantly translate a word,sentence, paragraph, text or email that is pasted or directly typed into the application’s source text field.

Easily lookup the definition of a word or expression (dictionary).

SYSTRAN Interactive Translator SYSTRAN Interactive Translator
Instantly translate a selection of words

Instantly look up the definition of a word or expression (dictionary).

SYSTRAN Translator Shortcuts SYSTRAN Translator Shortcuts
Instantly translate one file

Quickly translate massive data at the same time.

SYSTRAN Quick File Translator SYSTRAN Quick File Translator
Translate the pull down start menu of a desktop or a software menu bar.

Instantly translate a sentence under the mouse in a web page or an application.

SYSTRAN Omni Translator SYSTRAN Omni Translator
Creating and managing your own user defined dictionaries. SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager
Create your translation profile.

Manage your linguistic resources.

Activate your licences.

SYSTRAN Language Manager SYSTRAN Language Manager
Instantly translate webpages.

Easily lookup the definition of a word or expression in a webpage (dictionary).

SYSTRAN Extension for Browsers SYSTRAN Extension for Browsers
Instantly translate a word, sentence, paragraph via SYSTRAN toolbar in Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Office Plugins Office Plugins
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