SYSTRAN 8 Translator (desktop) products comparison

SYSTRAN 8 Translator (desktop) comes in two different versions: Essential, Professional.

Choose the version that best suits your translation needs:

Features Essential Professional
SYSTRAN Interactive Translator: quickly translate text and search dictionaries
Omni-Translator mode: get translation of any sentence below your mouse cursor
Shorcut keys to translate selected text
Translate Word Documents:  Plugin for MS Word
Translate PowerPoints Presentations: Plugin for MS PowerPoint
Translate Excel Spreadsheets: Plugin for MS Excel
Translate Web pages in Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome: SYSTRAN Extension for browsers
Translate Emails in Outlook:  Plugin for MS Outlook
SYSTRAN Quick File Translator: translate directly from Microsoft Windows Explorer using the right-click menu
SYSTRAN Quick File Translator: translate all supported file formats and batch translation
Translate PDF and Image files
SYSTRAN Language Manager (Customization and Profiles) Basic Advanced
Alternative Meaning Dictionary
SYSTRAN Specialized Dictionaries (Business, Industries, Life Science, Colloquial Science)
Advanced Linguistic Options
User Dictionaries that can be loaded in Profile 1 10
Translation Memories that can be loaded in Profile 0 10
Normalization Dictionaries that can be loaded in Profile 0 10
Dictionary Max Size 500 20 000
Translation Memory Max Size N/A 40 000
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