With OmniTranslator, get translation by moving your mouse cursor over any text!*

To activate SYSTRAN OmniTranslator, right click on the SYSTRAN icon in the tray bar and select OmniTranslator:


A notification appears to confirm that it has been activated and the SYSTRAN icon changes from ico-systran-8-translator-s-128 to ico-systran-8-translator-omni-128


In SYSTRAN Options, you can also specify a shortcut to activate/deactivate OmniTranslator:


Once activated, a popup will follow the mouse cursor. This popup window captures text below the mouse and translates from the source language to the target language:

omnitranslator 6

omnitranslator 6

You can choose the languages in Select Translation Languages or by double clicking on the trayicon:


To deactivate OmniTranslator, re-click OmniTranslator in the menu. A notification appears to tell you it has been deactivated:



*OmniTranslator cannot translate sentences in:

  • a Webpage with Google Chrome
  • a Power point Presentation
  • a Word Document

Instead you can use the Translation shortcuts or the SYSTRAN Extension for Chrome

Examples of Usage

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