The History button enables the end user to re-access previous translations.

Click on this button to open a new pane with the following information:

  • Date and Hour
  • Source and target languages
  • Profile
  • Source and target texts

To quit History, click on this arrow:  arrow


Search translations

You can search for a translation using the search bar:


Please note that the search takes into account if the text contains upper case letters or lowercase letters.

Retranslate in SIT

Click Retranslate in SIT to resend the source text to be translated:


Delete translations

To delete a translation, select the translation and click on the trash icon:


To delete several translations, use the Ctrl key and Ctrl + Shift keys to select the translations and click on the trash icon:



Purge erases all translation history after 5 days.

When launching SIT, the purge is done automatically. If you keep SIT open for a long time, you can do the purge manually by clicking on the Purge button.

Advanced users can change the 5-day delay either in the machine file settings or in the user file settings:

C:\ProgramData\SYSTRAN 8 Translator\SYSTRAN.8.Translator.Machine.settings

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\SYSTRAN 8 Translator\SYSTRAN.8.Translator.User.settings

To change the 5-day delay, add this line at the root level of the json file:






Refresh is done automatically when you switch between the History pan and the SYSTRAN Interactive Translator pan.

You can also do it manually by clicking on this icon:

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