SYSTRAN Interactive Translator allows you to quickly and easily translate input text, as well as research terms in the indicated source and target languages.
How to perform a translation?
  1. Choose the source language (the language you are translating from) or activate automatic language detection by selecting Auto in the Source language dropdown.
  2. Choose the target language (the language you are translating into)
  3. Apply a profile (optional)
  4. Type or copy/paste the text you want to translate. The translation will be launched automatically after a short delay. Click on the button ‘Translate’ to force the translation


How to lookup a term?
  1. Ensure that the correct source-target language combination is set for your term lookup, and if necessary make the appropriate changes using the Source Language and Target Language dropdowns.
  2. Enter the term whose definitions you want to learn into the source text field
  3. Lookup results will display in the SYSTRAN Interactive Translator’s Lookup results field.

If you have entered several sentences:

  1. Pass your mouse over a word: it will be highlighted in both languages
  2. Click on it to display the definitions from the dictionary


  • Use the translation shortcuts to instantly translate a selection of words or sentences from any application.
  • If the software is unable to translate, the word is colored in red.
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