SYSTRAN Options gathers the General, Servers and Omni Translator options.

1. Click SYSTRAN Options in the windows menu or double click on the SYTRAN icon on your desktop.

systran option menu start

2. The SYSTRAN logo will appear in the tray bar. Right click on it and select Options.

systran option tray icon

  • Choose the source language (the language you are translating from)
  • Choose the target language (the language you are translating into)
  • Choose to have SYSTRAN Options automatically open in the tray bar after starting your computer
  • Create shortcuts
  • Select the interface language



The local server of SYSTRAN 8 Translator is displayed:


The green line “Working (2 language pairs found)” means that your product is well activated.

If you see this message: Error: Feature not available – StatusCode 403 [Forbidden], the licence is not activated or the product key entered in SYSTRAN Language Manager is wrong.

In case you belong to a corporation using SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, you can add another server by following the procedure described here


Choose a shortcut to launch Omni Translator.

options omnitranslator

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