The SYSTRAN Extension is already installed on SYSTRAN 8 Translator.

1. Open Internet Explorer (recommended version: IE 11).

2. Click on the SYSTRAN extension icon in the control bar:

activate systran extension IE

3. The message below is displayed, click Activate.

IE module complementaire new

4. Go to Options Internet > Security :

Uncheck the item ‘Enable Protected mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)

options internet IE

In Tools > Manage add-ons you can see the SYSTRAN Extension:

modules complementaire new

5. Click the SYSTRAN icon and click Options to activate the extension.


For Windows 10 users:

1. Click Choose add-ons, the Choose Add-ons dialog box is displayed.

choose addons IE w10

2. Click Enable for SYSTRAN – Translator and Dictionary.

choose addons

3. Click Done.


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