SYSTRAN Enterprise Server

If connecting via a SYSTRAN Enterprise Server installation, you must enter the URL of your server gateway and your API key:

  • The default URL of the Gateway is https://mysystranserver.local:8904
  • You will be able to find your user API Key under the ‘Your Personal Info’ menu of SES


SYSTRAN Platform

If connecting via the SYSTRAN Platform, you must enter an API Key. To get an API Key, simply sign up for free on the SYSTRAN Platform:

You will be able to find your user API Key under Administration > API Keys.


The default API key of the free offer is working only with the URL Edit the API Key to be able to use it with any webpage:


1. Click Edit to open the Edit your API key popup

2. Erase the URL

3. Click Submit


You can also create a new API Key:

Click Create an API Key and select the browser type.



Click Submit


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