1. To activate the extension, click the icon that will appear on the right of the address bar and click Options:

2. SYSTRAN 8 Translator (Desktop) is selected by default.

3. Click Save

4. Choose the extension language: English, French, Spanish, Korean or Chinese

5. By default, the notification and tooltips are enabled. You can disable them in Extension settings.


  • Enabled/Disabled notifications are for Chrome users only.
  • If connecting via the SYSTRAN 8 Translator, the translation works only for http webpages (not https). 
  • If connecting via a SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server installation, you can be authenticated with the following methodes, that will be precised by your server administrator:
    • Your API Key (you must enter the URL of your server gateway and your API key, typically: https://yourserverURL:8904)
    • Or using your login and password if your server supports it
  • If connecting via the SYSTRAN Translate PRO, you can use either your API Key or your login and password
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