1.Overview and general principles

2.Task creation

3.Tasks menu

1. Overview and general principles

SYSTRANLinks task management features enable full flexibility and adaptation to different editing workflows.

When creating a task from a sentence set selection, you can choose between two task types:

  • Post-Editing only.
  • Full Review (Edit, Validate or Reject).

If ‘Post-editing’ only, task assignee will only be able to save edits on sentences, and task will be marked as completed when all sentences have been ‘Edited’. This is desirable if you want a proofreader or a customer to further review all edited sentences.

If ‘Full Review’, task assignee will be able to edit, but also to validate or reject sentences. This is desirable either:

  • as a validation task of a previous “Post-editing Only” task.
  • if the task assignee is in charge of the full cycle, from post-editing to validation.

In this case, task will be marked as completed when all sentences are either ‘Validated’ or ‘Rejected’.
As a consequence, and even though not yet embedding a Workflow Engine and automatic sequencing, SYSTRANLinks task management already enables the following:

1. On the fly translation and validation, directly from the sentence list or from the website.
2. Process includes a Post-editor and a proofreader:

    a.Create a task with type ‘Post-editing Only’ and assign it to the Post-editor.
    b.When finished, from sentence list, filter on sentences with ‘status’ Edited.
    c.Create a second task with type ‘Full Review’ and assign it to the Proofreader.

3. Process only involves a translator, directly validating sentences: Create directly a task with the Type ‘Full Review’.

2. Task creation

To create a task, first select sentences from the Sentences menu (either by selecting them through checkboxes or with a set of filters).

Once selection is completed, click on ‘Create a task’, and task creation form opens.

Once all required information is set, a notification email is sent to the assignee, and the task is added to assignee’s task list.

Note that there is a ‘Limit’ field that will block the number of sentences in a text. It is set by default to 100, and can be changed in this screen.

Task is now visible in the Tasks Menu.

3. Tasks menu

This menu lists all tasks created from the Sentence list, and shows their progress.

To enter a Task as an editor: select the task and click ‘Edit’, this opens the ‘Task Editor’, which is basically a sentence list in full screen mode, with the sentence toolkit enabled in accordance with the Task type.

To modify Task Information (date/assignee): select the task and click ‘Information’.

A task can be cancelled. In this case, it won’t appear anymore in the list. Note that the cancellation of the task doesn’t affect work that might have been done on the sentences within the task.

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