3.Images & Links

1. Pages


The Pages menu lists all pages known by SYSTRANLinks. Pages known by SYSTRANLinks are:

  • The ones yet automatically crawled by SYSTRANLinks.
  • The ones manually browsed.
    The links found by SYSTRANLinks on those pages, which are on the SYSTRANLinks “to crawl’.

For each translated page, high level information is provided, such as ‘HTTP Status’, page views, number of sentences crawled, etc…

This list can be filtered (by a click on down arrow of the desired column), and also browsed using the hierarchy of the site (a click on the folder icon in the page name will collapse or expand the folder).

This menu lets you review, at the page level, the validation status of the translations. When a page is checked in the list, it is possible to:

Access the translated page in Visitor Preview mode:
Open Sentences Menu with the all the sentences of the selected pages:
Click on Review Sentences, and the menu Sentences will be opened, filtered on the given page(s).
Mass publish sentences for a given page.
Add specific rules, such as Do Not Translate, Replace Element, etc…


Rules feature lets you tweak and customize any part of the translated version of a set of pages.

To add a rule:

  • If necessary, select one or several pages from the list.
  • Click on add a rule.

The rule editing popup appears.

Rules are designed to customize behavior of SYSTRANLinks on any part of the website.

Some examples:

  • Do not translate a specific page or subtree.
  • Do not translate a specific element in a page.
  • Replace an element with another for a translated version.
  • Add code to the page CSS for a specific language.
  • Insert elements in translated pages (such as a disclaimer warning that content has been automatically translated).

Learn more about the rules

2. Sentences

Sentence List

The sentence list is the gateway to manage all text translations of the website. It shows all crawled sentences, when they were crawled, what is the content context (In terms of HTML: Title, META, segment, alt / tooltip data, list value, etc…), their status, usage and visibility.

Sentences displayed in the list can be classified as:

  • Not translated: source text is repeated.
  • Machine Translation: machine translation without any revision.
  • TM Exact Match: comes from translation memory without any revision.
  • Edited: has been edited & saved, await validation or direct publish.
  • Validated: has been validated.
  • Rejected: has been rejected and needs further editing.

Publication status / visibility:

  • Published: has been published (eventually automatically depending on the Publishing Mode in the Translation Settings menu).
  • Not Published: all sentences not visible… and not published.

Note: if a ‘published’ sentence has been reedited, its status could pass again to ‘not published’ depending on the Publishing Mode. In this case, the last ‘published’ version is still visible until new version is republished.

Through powerful filtering capabilities, it is possible to narrow down a specific set of sentences and then quickly review them in the Toolkit.

The list is designed to be adapted to any reviewing workflow, enabling any filtering combination for quickly retrieving a set of sentences.

For instance, to find sentences categorized as ‘Title’ and that are not edited or validated and that contains the name of your company, just add the following filters in the sentence list:

  • Tick ‘Title’ in Context column.
  • Enter ‘mycompany’ in the source column.
  • Untick Edited and Validated in the Status column.

Then, quick post-editing or publishing can be done. Next and Previous buttons in the sentence toolkit are taking into account the sentences shown in the list only.

A click on the “View in context” button in the action bar shows the sentence highlighted in its webpage.

Sentence toolkit

The sentence Toolkit lets you post-edit translations and change their status.

To help enhance productivity Alternative Translations are shown here:

  • From MT engine.
  • From Translation Memory.
  • From community feedback (suggestions) and also from other languages translation.

Toolkit is keyboard-enabled and following shortcuts are available:

  • Next Sentence: TAB
  • Previous Sentence: SHIFT + TAB
  • Save Edits: CTRL + SHIFT + S
  • Save & Next: CTRL + S
  • Validate: CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER
  • Validate & Next: CTRL + ENTER
  • Publish: CTRL + SHIFT + P
  • Publish & Next: CTRL + P
  • Copy Source: CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • Change alternative display tab: CTRL + RIGHT or LEFT
  • Change selected alternative sentence: CTRL + UP or DOWN
  • Insert selected alternative in translation text: CTRL + I

Note for Mac users: You can use ⌘ (COMMAND) instead of CTRL for all shortcuts.

Task creation starting point

As the content of tasks is sentences, the Sentences menu is the starting point of the creation of Task.

Select a sentence set and click on ‘Create a task’ to enter the creation process.

See chapter ‘Task Management’ for further details.

Images&Links menu lists all crawled content that is not translatable directly by the engine, for instance:

  • Images shown on the website.
  • Files to be downloaded (such as PDF files).
  • External links (i.e. links outside the domain of the translated website).
  • Other files like css, Javascript, shockwave/flash, etc…

For those elements, SYSTRANLinks lets you provide a ‘rewriting’ rule, for SYSTRANLinks to change the URL of the element during translation process.

For instance, for the french version of www.mysite.com, an external link to www.partnercompany.com could be changed to www.partnercompany.fr.

In the same way, an image that contains text (which won’t be translated) can be changed from this menu.

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