SYSTRANLinks enables collaborative translation through invitation of external contributors to review and edit translations.

Once invited, the contributor must create a SYSTRAN account. Note that if he already has one, he will be able to log in to it and SYSTRAN Accounts will do the match.

Thus, a translator can contribute to several websites, using the same account, and view all his websites from his SYSTRANLinks homepage.

During the invitation process, a role has to be chosen for the contributor:

Translation Contributor

  • Will be able to modify and write only sentences assigned as part of a Task.
  • Other sentences and translation resources will be read only.
  • Settings, other’s Tasks and Contributors won’t be accessible.

Translation Manager

  • Will be able to manage all content and translation resources of the website and to create tasks and invite contributors, but can’t modify settings or others rights.

Website administrator

  • Can modify anything on the Website.

An invitation is valid for a website only, not for all websites of the same account.
Invitations can be made either:

  • From the Contributors menu.
  • Directly from the task creation form.

Contributors menu lets you list all contributors having rights on the website and modify it.

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