SYSTRANLinks – continuous updates

We updated SYSTRANLinks today and several times during the past couple of months with various ‘hotfixes’ for managing specific issues encountered by customers:

  • various fixes around https redirections and certificates management for custom serving domains
  • special encoding issues
  • advanced rules management and syntax aware text editor for rules.
  • behind the scene optimizations

In the meantime, we receive a lot of valuable feedback from customers and market, and next major versions will handle:

  • content discovery automation (embedded automatic crawling component)
  • better integration with third party systems (xliff management, external TM database links, api and callbacks)
  • more features around User Dictionary, for an easier build of domain specific terminology (SYSTRAN Intuitive Coding, SYSTRAN Automatic Terminology Extraction from source website, …)

Do not hesitate to share your 2 cents with us with your concerns and ideas.

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