SYSTRANLinks 2.0.4 Released

SYSTRANLinks 2.0.4 contains new features and various improvements and fixes

  • Add Tags to Pages or Path for better translation project management and translation scope monitoring
  • Export sentences from a Task or from Sentences into TMX
  • HTTPS support (starting with Pro1 edition)
  • Enhanced experience for translators and contributors: Concordance search from the Translation Smartbox and enhanced View in context mode, which now displays last editions of sentences instead of published sentences

Other improvements:

  • Keyboard shortcuts Control + Left or Right arrow now work as usual for Windows users
  • Fixed disappearing of information popups on Sentence usage and Help for shortcuts
  • Various fixes on dashboard and usage panel figures
  • User Dictionary entries deletion more reliable
  • Various fixes on fuzzy matches detection and display
  • Now displays other languages translations in Alternatives panel
  • Now displays machine translation in Alternatives panel
  • Various specific html rendering and handling improvements
  • Various fixes on tasks, concerning invitations and progress bar calculation
  • Performances improvements and cache optimization
  • Better handling on non-escaped characters in source site
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