1. Settings

2. Content

3. Resources

4. Tasks

5. Contributors


The Dashboard shows at a glance the overall activity of your translated website:

    Usage of SYSTRANLinks subscription by this website:

    • Page views
    • Custom domains
    • User Dictionary
    • Translation Memory

    Translation review progress

1. Settings

Settings menus let you configure general settings:



    • Check your website
    • Set up target languages and status (live or not) for each
    • Configure custom domains

    Translation Settings

    • Define machine translation settings
    • Define review and publication workflow


    Display Mode: Configure Language Selector display


2. Content

Content menus are the place for reviewing and translating your website. Menu selections are:

  • Pages:


      View all pages of your website and known by SYSTRANLinks. The status indicates whether the page has been crawled, or is in the ‘To crawl’ list of SYSTRANLinks

      From here, it is possible to:

      • Set specific rules (such as Do Not Translate) for given pages or path
      • Preview translated page
      • Quickly retrieve all sentences of a given page
      • Perform mass actions on sentences of a page
  • Sentences:


      This is the main place for reviewing and translating the website

      It contains all sentences that have been crawled by SYSTRANLinks and their current translation

      From here, you can:

      • Search particular sentences through filters
      • Edit a sentence and/or publish it
      • Select a set of sentence and create a translation task with it
      • Enter the view in context mode
  • Images & Links:

    • Retrieve here all non-textual elements that have been parsed by SYSTRANLinks, such as Images, files, or external links
    • From here, assign new links or exchange images for translated versions

3. Resources

Resources menus are the entry point for managing translation resources for both Machine Translation and human translators:

  • User dictionary
  • Translation Memories


4. Tasks

Tasks: This menu lets you manage and follow up tasks created from the sentence list.


5. Contributors

Contributors: This menu lets you manage contributors you have invited (from here or from Tasks screen) into your website.

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