From the home page, you can enter a site or add a new one.

Once a site is entered, generic screen layout is as described below.

From the global toolbar, you can:

  • Go back to the homepage or switch websites
  • Switch target language (for content related menus)
  • Access website in ‘Visitor Preview‘ mode or ‘Browse & Edit‘ Mode

The Visitor Preview mode lets you browse your translated website as if it will be shown to visitors, with currently published sentences and ‘Community popup’ activated. The ‘Browse & Edit’ mode lets you enter your website showing the latest version of your translations (even if not published) and lets you edit or validate any sentence in context.

The left Navigation menu is for the selected site only and lets you switch between different sections of SYSTRANLinks.

Once in a menu, particularly for list items (pages, sentences, images, UD, TM, Tasks, contributors), the generic layout is:

  • A filterable/sortable list to manage items
  • An action bar for performing action on selected items
  • Possibly a toolkit for rapid editing
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