To start using SYSTRANLinks, just click on ‘Add a website’ from the homepage.

When prompted, enter required information to set up the website to translate:

  • Source domain: This is the website you want to be localized through SYSTRANLinks
  • Source Language
  • Target Language(s): These are the languages you want to translate your site into
  • Default Content for Translated Website
  • Community feedback popup behavior: Define here what your visitors will see. You can hide SYSTRAN popup, or show a popup that will display source text to visitors for a better understanding. Finally, you can enable your visitors to submit suggestions for better translations.
  • Default Language selector theme

Note that except from source URL and language, all settings can be tuned afterwards in the settings menus of SYSTRANLinks.

After first site creation, SYSTRANLinks configuration page for this website is entered, and SYSTRANLinks will start crawling your website.

To preview your translated website, click on ‘Visitor Preview‘ or ‘Browse & Edit‘ in the global toolbar. This will open a new window of your browser showing the translated version of your website.

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