You can import Text (*.txt), Microsoft Excel (*.xls), TMX (*.tmx), Multiterm, TBX, or CSV files into SDM. By importing files, you can avoid retyping data to use in SDM. You can also import or export binary format (. dct) files, which are useful for exchanging precoded dictionaries or for importing SYSTRAN dictionaries.

The import process requires you to create a new User Dictionary or to merge the imported file into the current active dictionary.

On the File menu, click Import. The Import dialog box appears:


Select the file and click Open. If no dictionary is open, SDM imports the entries into a new dictionary. If at least one UD is open, SDM will propose merging the imported data into the currently active UD file.


As a shortcut, you can double-click the file in the Open dialog box to import its contents into SDM.

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