SDM provides a search feature that lets you locate terms in the dictionaries available on your PC.

1.On the Edit menu, click Find. The Find dialog box appears.


2.Next to Find what, type the term you want to find.

3.Under Search Options, click any options you want to specify for this search.

  • Match case: Locate terms that match the capitalization you used in the ‘Find what’ field.
  • Match whole word: Locate entire terms that match the entry you typed in the ‘Find what’ field, and which are not part of larger words.

4.Under Search Scope, specify the location where the search is to take place:

  • Current Dictionary: Search only the current Dictionary.
  • All open Dictionaries. Search all open Dictionaries.

5.Under Search Fields, select which language columns to search in.


  • Find Next:  locates the next instance of the term in the location(s) specified that match the search options, and highlights this entry in the main window.
  • Find All:  displays a Search Results panel listing all instances of the search text.


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