Display Confidence as a UD column by checking the box in the Dictionary Columns toolbox. The Confidence feature measures and displays the level of confidence the software has in the accuracy of coded User Dictionary entries. You should validate any entry that shows a low confidence level.

1. Double-click the gray box at the far left of an entry to check its confidence level. SDM will check the entry, and the length and color of the bar in the Confidence column show the confidence level of the entry. A confidence symbol also appears in the Status column next to the entry.


check The coding of the entry is evaluated as good by IntuitiveCoding
exclamation The target language entry does not correlate well with the source language entry or a term is unknown or seems irregular to IntuitiveCoding. A message appears in the Status Bar of the SDM screen. The entry will be used in the translation, but will probably require additional coding to work as expected.
croix SDM cannot find any correlation between the source and target language entries or a term cannot be coded at all. The entry will not apply in the translation and needs to be corrected.
point interrogation Not yet coded.


2. If the bar is short, the software has little confidence in how the entry is coded. To increase the confidence level, revise your source and/or target language entries, and then repeat step 1 above to measure the revised confidence level.

You can select multiple entries to code. To select contiguous entries, click the first one and hold down the Shift key while clicking the last one. All entries in between are coded. If the entries are not contiguous, click the first one and hold down the Ctrl key while clicking each additional entry you want to code. You can then click Code Selection to code the selected entries

Setting Proposal Status

Display Proposal Status as a UD column by checking the box in the Dictionary Columns toolbox.

The Proposal Status column indicates the dictionary inclusion status of each term entry, and which determines the level of priority for the term in translation tasks.

proposal status

Specifically, there are three possible settings:

Confirmed: good entries, entries that are given the hightest precedence in translation tasks; default status of entries made directly to a dictionary by a user.

Candidate: entries whose status remains under consideration; used in translation tasks but a lower priority level than Confirmed entries;

Disabled: bad entries, entries that are deeemed incorrect for the dictionary and any translation tasks for which it may be used.


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