The first table in each example section shows how the IntuitiveCoding entries can be added to a UD entry. In this case, the table shows preferred capitalization and translation for instances of John Smith in English text.

English French Spanish German
car voiture coche Wagen
John Smith Jean Dupont Juan Gomez Johann Meier

The second table shows translation examples to illustrate how additional clues can improve translation quality. In this example under First Coding, the translation results are achieved without inserting clues. Specifying the capitalization of John Smith and Jean Dupont in the UD entry leads to correct capitalization in the translation.

First Coding
Source Text (English) English French Target Text (French)
John Smith comes back. john smith jean dupont Le jean dupont revient.
Enriched Coding
John Smith comes back. John Smith Jean Dupont Jean Dupont revient.


Entry Definition
Intuitive clues
Additional clues
Protected sequences, Bracketing
Multiple meanings, Equivalent meanings


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